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Planning for a Small Household Move

Managing a small Household moveYou may not have really thought about it, but even the smallest household move needs quite a bit of planning.  So, if you are just moving into a dorm room, a one-bedroom apartment, or just a few boxes from your storage facility you are embarking on small move.  A small move typically amounts to less than 2,000 pounds of house hold belongings.

With a small move, you can do it yourself with a little planning or use a professional moving company. Here are some things you should keep in mind when planning your small move:

  • Find the best mover.  There are moving companies that specialize in smaller moves; you maybegin by asking friends and family if they can recommend a moving company to meet your needs.
  • Long distance options are limitless.  If you are going to be moving a long distance there are many more options today than in history.  Containerized moving methods have become main stream and are viable options for a small move.
  • Get an estimate.  Even the smallest move requires a quote.  So, consider at least three professional moving companies and get them all to see your room or storage facility so that the estimate is accurate.
  • Get coverage.  Although you only have a few things, you still need to protect your possessions.  Depending on the value of your belongings you may want to get more than just the basic liability coverage moving companies are required to offer.
  • Plan your route.  You probably won’t be able to ride in the vehicle of the moving company, so you should follow along if you’d like.  It just depends on how far you will be moving between locations and your personal preference and schedule.

– Lance Grooms

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