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Parental relocation after divorce

Parental relocation after divorceFamilies that have been split apart by a divorce face several difficult times.  In Arizona the rules regarding parental relocation are quite specific.  One parent in a divorce may need to move in order to obtain employment given the current issues with unemployment.  It may require a move outside of their current city or even out of the state.  Given the unemployment and job opportunities that exist, a lot of parental relocation cases have become a part of the court cases heard, especially in Arizona.

A parent that has primary parental rights will want the child or children to move with them to the new location.  A parent that does not have custody that is moving may have more freedom to do so, but they may also lose their parenting rights.  Parents who have to face relocation due to employment options or other reasons have a hard decision.

In Arizona the courts decide the cases directly.  They require 60 days advance written notice of the intent to move with the child outside of the state or outside of 100 miles.  Parents who do not give notice may be sanctioned and they may find the custody ruling changed.  Many states have parenting laws such as this and given the recent number of moves based on job loss or home loss, it may be imperative for parents to consider the effects a move will have not only on the children but also on the custody situation they are in.

Jon Huser

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