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Palestinians Move On

Palestinians Move OnPresident Mahmoud Abbas spoke on Monday February 6th 2012 about ending the political issues.  He took steps to ensure his country could move forward and towards reconciliation.  The reconciliation will be between Islamic militant Hamas and Palestine.  There is an agreement that an interim government will be prepared for elections in West Bank and Gaza Strip.

The announcement has caused a different type of move in the Mideast though, as peace efforts are set in turmoil.  The Palestinian President appeared to be closing out the Mideast peace talks with Israel, which have failed to get off the ground under Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Netanyahu was not in favor of the deal.  He stated it is either peace with Israel or Hamas.  It is not possible to have both, according to Netanyahu.  Abbas seems to think he has a better chance of ending internal troubles than working on repairing relations with Israel.

It makes things difficult for the people of these two countries and relocation is not an option for most.  Perhaps it is why Abbas has decided that internal struggle should end first in order to make his people safer, given that relocation is not possible.  Abbas and Hamas have stated they will move quickly without any delay to repair the internal struggle.  The deal was brokered by Qatar in order to have a third party present to make things completely fair.  At least this is how it looks at the moment.  It may mean aid will be offered by the USA and Europe if Hamas reforms.

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