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Packing your home – where to start?

BoxesThere are plenty of tips on how to start packing your home when you are moving, but where do you physically start? It is usually recommended that you pack one room at a time, but which room do you tackle first? Are there good reasons why you should choose one room over another?

The truth is that this is a very difficult decision to make when you have to pack in advance. It is very easy for a moving company because it can simply come into your home and pack on the day, but when you are doing your own packing you have to start several weeks in advance.

You should tackle one room at a time but you will probably have to return to each room several times; for example, you might choose to start in the kitchen and you can pack away all the gadgets and pans that you rarely use but you will have to leave out the items you use regularly and come back to the room nearer the time to pack everything else that is left. The same applies with the other rooms.

Planning the packing for a house move is not easy; however, there are always things that can be packed away without you missing them for a few weeks and it is important to get this done as soon as you can. In this way you will have less to do in the few days leading up to the actual move.


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