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Packing your breakables

Fragile boxes on carrierWhen you are moving there are always some items that you will be worried about packing and moving simply because they are fragile. You need to take a little time over your preparation for packing these items, as it will then be far easier to ensure that they are safe during the move.

The first tip is to make sure that you allow plenty of time for packing your breakables. If you leave it until the last minute, you will probably be rushing and may not take sufficient time to make sure that each item is properly protected. Start sorting out your breakable items a few weeks in advance and make sure that you have strong boxes and plenty of packing materials and padding.

Your moving company may advise you on how to pack awkwardly shaped items, such as unusual ornaments or vases. Wrapping materials such as bubble wrap are essential, as they provide the padding that is required.

Your professional movers will need to know which boxes contain fragile items. It may sound obvious to you that these boxes should be marked ‘fragile’; however, some people do not do this and the movers are therefore unaware that these boxes should be handled with particular care. Another solution is to ask the movers to do the packing for you, either packing up the whole house or just your breakable items. 


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