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Packing up the living room

opened boxThe living room or family room is one of the most used areas of the house and is likely to be a little more complicated to pack up, no matter how tidy or uncluttered it is. The first step is to sort out the drawers and shelves and make sure that everything that is left is needed in your new home.

The next step is to make sure that anything on the walls is packed, which means taking down the pictures, drapes and blinds and packing them accordingly. If you have valuable artwork then you can get expert advice from your moving company or an art expert on how to make sure that it is protected during the move. Consider using a wardrobe box for the drapes.

Next, pack up the more fragile items, such as ornaments, vases, lamp bases and other knickknacks. Plenty of bubble wrap and other protective packing materials are a good idea at this point. Pack books separately in smaller boxes, as the weight can soon mount up.

Finally, electronic equipment such as the TV and stereo should be packed in the original boxes where possible. If you have not kept the original boxes, check with a local electronics store to see whether it has any old boxes that it can give to you or lend to you. It could even be that a manufacturer will send you a ‘return box’ that you can use, or your professional movers may be able to provide suitable boxes.        


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