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Office moving tips for the coordinator

Office relocationPutting you trust in fate is not enough when it comes to planning an office move. You need to appoint a coordinator to plan the whole process and make sure that everything is running smoothly; however, once you have appointed your coordinator, what are their responsibilities?

Planning is key for a commercial relocation. There are so many things that have to be done at a certain point in time that failing to plan is simply not an option. Plans have to be made as far in advance as possible regarding utility services in both buildings, packing needs to be coordinated, and decisions need to be made about potential issues such as large office furniture – do you keep the old items or invest in new?

It is also important to remember that the coordinator not only has to oversee the move but also has to carry on with his/her day job. Time for making plans and organizing the move will need to be factored into the working day and every member of staff will need to be aware that they will be asked to complete tasks to help with the move.

Delegation could be the office move planner’s best friend. Creating a team to oversee different tasks relating to the move could be useful; for example, why worry about changing the address on the company website and office stationery when there is a sales and marketing department that could very easily do this for you? It is important to make good use of the skills that your team already possesses.


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