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North Korea stirring up trouble

North Korea stirring up troubleThe US is still ready to move the military in should North Korea continue with its plans.  South Korea is in talks with the US and Japan about the issues with nuclear testing that North Korea says it will conduct.  Rather than the US military moving to Guam or out of Japan as other talks have requested, there seems more of a need for them to be on hand should issues between the North and South escalate.

The US made a deal with North Korea to help with food supplies, but it was announced on the heels of another announcement that the US will stop food supplies to North Korea if it does not stop what is considered improper action.  North Korea named Kim Jong Un the party chief ahead of the missile launch it has planned.  It was with this announcement that the US stated that it would halt any US food deal to help North Korean citizens if actions are not immediately stopped.

This has raised tensions in regional areas of North Korea, as there are quite a few North Koreans suffering.  South Korea even stated that it would be in the best interest of North Korea to focus less on nuclear weapons and more on its citizens who are starving.  The new chief is believed to be under 30 years of age and the power transfer will only be conducted months after Kim Jong Il’s death, meaning that the actual power transfer will not be complete for a while yet.  Still, the US military is wary and ready to move if need be.

Jon Huser

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