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NJ looking towards anti-corruption

NJ looking towards anti-corruptionNew Jersey has a bad reputation that has been immortalized in films, songs, and on TV.  There are now many in the state government who are looking to tackle the image the state has and also work towards anti-corruption.  In recent years there have been a great number of reforms undertaken by the Center for Public Integrity.  Public Radio International and Global Integrity have also focused on anti-corruption schemes.

What this all means for you is that New Jersey may soon be a better state to live in.  New Jersey is one of the bigger industrial states we have and it has often had more jobs per capita than other states because of the industries, ship building, and proximity to New York City.  It has scored in the top 100 states to live in and thus you might want to consider a long distance move to this state.

The anti-corruption issue aside, New Jersey is named the garden state for a reason.  It is a beautiful place to live, especially in the western section.  With Atlantic City and its casinos and also the barrier islands, there is plenty the small state can offer an individual in need of a new career or home.  Even if the move is not a long distance move, there are definitely reasons to consider it.  The fact that crime is being tackled and lowered is another point towards the state, where there are now other states with higher crime rates.

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