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Nicole Kidman joins Paperboy

Nicole Kidman to star in new filmNicole Kidman spoke about her new project, Paperboy, at the Cannes Film Festival, including how she landed the role.  She is a mother of four and an Oscar winner, but had a little trouble convincing director Lee Daniels that she would be able to take on the job.  Paperboy is a low budget film set in the 1960s.  It will star Zac Efron and Matthew McConaughey, who are definitely two very popular names.  John Cusack is also in the film, but compared to the three men Ms. Kidman is certainly one of the highest paid stars in films.  The director initially did not want to go with Kidman – not because she would not play the role well, but over concern of the payday she might expect.

Kidman spoke about how Daniels told her that they would have no money for the project, which would mean that she would have to do her own hair and makeup. Rather than see this as a problem, she went to her closet and started dressing up with fake tan, lashes, and a hairpiece.  She used her mobile phone to text pictures in different poses in order to get the part.  She wanted to do a film with meaning – something a little raw and dangerous – and therefore she was not about to give up.  Everyone else on the film was also happy to have her in the part.  Efron stated the Ms Kidman made it easier for him to take on the role he was cast for.

Bill Barkulis

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