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NHL relocation still on the books

NHL relocation still on the booksThe Phoenix Coyotes suffered a hard season last year with talks about relocation to Winnipeg.  As they went to the Western Conference Playoffs in 2011, there was still talk about the possible relocation of the team.  They were in the series against the Detroit Red Wings when Hockey News published information about a potential move to Winnipeg for the Coyotes.  Three games later, Phoenix were no longer in the playoffs.

Now that it is 2012 there are still talks about possible NHL relocation, whether it will be the Coyotes or another team.  In fact all season there have been talks about the NHL and possible relocations.  A move to Seattle was even suggested so that Seattle would have its own team and a new facility.  Now it seems that the Coyotes are at least optimistic about the upcoming issues with a move.

The questions are still open though as to whether a move for the Coyotes or other teams will happen.  It is a matter of what the team owners will decide rather than what the media or politicians may say.  If a team is sold or if a new arena is part of the deal, there can always be a relocation of any NHL team.  A team with a steady record, but not perhaps the most followed, can always face talks of a move.  Obviously in Detroit the Red Wings are a team that is never going to relocate, but with something smaller, such as the Coyotes, things are never certain.

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