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Nestle Moving Brands

Nestle Moving BrandsCompany relocation for Nestle will mean jobs for Solon, Ohio.  Nestle Prepared Foods is moving Hot Pockets and Lean Pockets from Colorado to Solon.  It means new jobs for Solon, but also loss of jobs for Colorado.  It is a move the CEO Frank Higgins announced on February 6th 2012.  A spokesperson for Nestle stated the business would move by April.  It is unclear how many jobs will be available to the new city.  In Colorado there were 70 employees.

These employees have been offered a relocation choice, meaning they can give up their homes in Colorado and move to Solon, Ohio.  These employees have little time to decide since April is coming soon.  Nestle already has its headquarters in Solon.  This is another reason the move will occur.  Stouffer’s, Toll House and Lean Cuisine are already in Solon.  Nestle has an enormous presence in the city already with 170 jobs brought to the city in the last two years.  There are about 1,900 employees at the company already.

Nestle announced that with the move it will offer new research and development in the city.  The R&D center will help bring more jobs and more products from the company.  The two brands moving from Colorado will be housed in facilities the company already owns.  The production is still going to be in California and Kentucky; it is just office staff that are moving from one state to another, if they elect to go.

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