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Neighborhoods in Manhattan

Office BlockIf you are moving to New York then you may be considering Manhattan for your new home. If this is the case, you will be pleased to know that there are plenty of different neighborhoods for you to consider. Manhattan is the lively heart of the city and is home to the business district as well as residential areas.

You could consider Lower Manhattan. Here you will find the financial district and Battery Park, and this is a very easy commute for those who work in the heart of the city. Alternatively your move to New York could see you heading towards Chinatown, although these days it is often called Asiatown because immigrants from places such as Korea and Thailand have also settled here. The area is famed for its restaurants and unique gift shops and is worth a visit even if you are not going to live in this part of the city.

For an area with a European feel, consider Little Italy. This is next to Chinatown and there are plenty of Italian restaurants here and the area has a great atmosphere. Relocating to New York could mean that you are considering Greenwich Village, which is divided into two sections – the East Village and the West Village. The East Village is known for a bohemian approach and trendy shops, while the West Village has a very quiet feel. Visit the jazz clubs and see the tree-lined streets. You are sure to find a quiet home here that suits every member of the family.


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