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National Walk to Work Day requires a move

National Walk to Work Day requires a moveNational Walk to Work Day may not be a holiday you remember from when you were growing up, but it has become a big movement in many cities such as San Diego where there is a large festival being held on April 6th 2012.  There are many who will take advantage of this holiday if they are close enough to actually walk to work.  For some walking is unreasonable when you consider that they have to drive at least an hour to get to work because of the distance; however, if you think this holiday is important and you want to save the environment from further destruction, a move may be in order.

If you relocate from your current neighborhood to one that is near your workplace, you can save in many ways as well as protect the environment.  Firstly you save by spending less on gas, as you walk to work every day.  Secondly you protect the environment.  Thirdly you help increase your overall health by walking to work every day.

These are just some of the reasons you might want to relocate.  If you decide to find a new home, consider hiring a moving company to get your belongings from the old home to the new one.  It will be a bit faster for you and a moving company can be less stressful for you.  After the move you can relax every day as you walk to work and protect the environment in the process.

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