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Moving Your Piano

Move your Piano safely.Anyone who owns a piano knows that it isn’t just a musical instrument, it is part of the family.  So, if you are moving, there are some things that you should consider in regards to your piano.  If at all possible, it is in your piano’s best interests to hire professional movers because the piano is heavy and awkward.  But, if you must move your piano yourself, keep these tips in mind.

•    Get help moving.  Pianos cannot be moved by one person.  An upright piano carries all its weight at the top while the feet and legs are fragile.  Grand pianos are more evenly distributed but still are incredibly awkward.
•    Make sure you have the right stuff.  Rent or purchase the heavy-duty straps to secure the piano.  Also be sure to have a furniture or moving dolly to easily move the piano from one location to another.  Don’t forget to cover the piano with moving blankets.
•    Secure the keyboard’s lid.  When moving a piano, the keyboard lid may be jostled.  It is important to secure it if it does not lock.
•    Lift the piano carefully.  When lifting a piano, do so carefully.  Never lift a piano by the legs as they are extremely vulnerable.  Also, keep the piano in the upright position at all times, otherwise you run the risk of damaging the inner workings.
•    Secure the piano in the moving truck.  Always place the piano at the back of the moving van, against the wall.  If possible, use wooden planks to secure the piano within the truck.

-Sound like too much risk?  You may want to reconsider and leave it to the professionals.

Lance Grooms

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