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Moving Your Boat

Moving your BoatDo you have a boat and are getting ready to move?  If you are moving locally you probably don’t have much to worry about.  However, if you’ve got a long distance move in the near future, there are some things that you will need to do in order to prepare your boat for the move.

In order to ensure that your boat arrives to your home (or its new marina) safely, please keep these following tips in mind.  Doing so will only make moving your boat a little easier to do!

  1. Secure all loose items within the boat such as cups, water toys, personal items, and towels.  Removing these items is always better during a move.
  2. Make sure that all seat cushions, ladders, curtains, windshields, and other items are removed or secured.
  3. If there is anything that juts out from the boat, remove it.  This might include antennas, depth sounders, and flags.
  4. Disconnect battery cables and remove the plug.
  5. Drain holding tanks and all water tanks as well.
  6. Try to move your boat with an empty engine.  So, try to use any remaining fuel.
  7. If you are relocating during winter, make sure you winterize any items on your boat that are sensitive to the cold such as the engine and water pipes.
  8. Shrink-wrap your boat before the move, but be sure to get it professionally done.
  9. If you have a sailboat, make sure that the masts are secure before moving.

– Lance Grooms

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