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Moving to Walnut Creek, California

Moving to Walnut Creek, CaliforniaWalnut Creek, California is considered a great place to move to by those who live there.  There is a particular neighborhood that has gained notice since the 1970s as a great place to live.  The Crossings is sometimes called Cowell, because this was the name of the company town that used to exist on the site.

In this neighborhood individuals can enjoy eight tennis courts, three pools, and a clubhouse.  Housing is based on single-family homes of slightly over 1,000 sq ft. Many of the houses are in the value range of $380,000 to $500,000, though this may have changed given the recent mortgage crisis.  California suffered more than other states with the mortgage issue due to the expensive homes, which became unaffordable for many.  It may not be true of Walnut Creek, as we do not have that information; however, for those who need to move, it is a place to consider.

Moving to Walnut Creek would mean gaining the warm California weather.  You might also enjoy the community, especially if you have families.  As you look around for a place to relocate, it can be important to think about different communities and neighborhoods.  If you live in this area and are looking to relocate to somewhere else, consider hiring professional movers.  Professional movers can help you to pack up and get to your new destination without any problem, especially if you choose a full service mover with experience.  Whether you are going to or leaving Walnut Creek, movers are most helpful.

Jon Huser

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