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Moving to Vandenberg AFB, California?

californiaHave you been given the news that you will be moving to Vandenberg AFB? This base used to be part of Camp Cook and can be found close to Lompoc, California. It is home to military work on satellites, among other things.

The base was named after General Hoyt S Vandenberg, who is credited with being the modern air force’s chief architect, who died in 1954. In the 1950s this part of Camp Cooke was in a poor state of repair, with rundown buildings and dirt tracks instead of roads. Work began on upgrading the existing facilities and putting additional facilities into place, such as missile launch centers. During the 1950s operations increased at the base until it became the largest test facility in the US. The base was renamed Vandenberg in 1958 and focused on space exploration, which is still the prime focus today, with the base having become the West Coast’s landing site for space shuttles.

If you are being posted to Vandenberg you will be interested to know that the base has a separate site for military housing. Here you can browse the various neighborhoods and accommodation options that are available to you and the base has even produced guides for those who are moving to military accommodation. There is also a housing management office where you can get help and support with your military relocation. Options include privatized housing, off-base accommodation, and unaccompanied housing. The base also offers plenty of amenities and facilities for families.             


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