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Moving long distance may include a new bank account

Moving long distance may include a new bank accountHave you ever had to move long distance before?  For those who may not have moved even once in their life, there can be details you might not think about right away.  Not all banks have national US coverage.  Actually, many banks will start in a certain city in a state before advancing to multiple states.  In other words, if you live out West you might not have access to a physical Bank of America location.  For those who live in the south, you may find Wells Fargo is not available to you.  These are two of the largest banks in the US, so it helps you realize why during a move you might require a new bank account.

The good news about the era we live in is the internet.  Many banks have virtual banking, where you can either take a picture of a check or send the check to your bank to have it deposited.  With faster ways to deposit money, including direct deposit, we do not require a local bank like we did even 12 years ago.  Still, it can be handy to have a local bank for the occasional cash emergencies.

When you are about to move long distance, consider whether you want to change banks completely or just start an emergency fund account in your new city.  If you are in the military you may want to keep your current bank account, since you do not know when you might have to move again.

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