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Moving into military housing

House ImageWhen you move into military housing you could find yourself on base or off base. An increasing number of military families are choosing private housing; however, there are still plenty of options for you that are run by the military. A great deal will depend upon which base you are moving to.

Those who are moving into government-owned family housing need to know that once they have been assigned a home on base they can live in this home until their tour of duty is over; alternatively, if their circumstances change and they no longer qualify for this home, they may be asked to move. If the serving officer is sent on an overseas tour then the family will be allowed to remain in the military housing while the serving officer is away.

It is important for those in military housing to know that they need to keep it in good condition. Minor repairs are normally the responsibility of the tenant and you need to make sure that you look after the yard, keep the home clean and deal with any minor repairs. Major repairs are normally dealt with by whoever manages the property, which will either be the government or a private company.

Things that you do not need to worry about when you move into military housing include painting the exterior of the house and any major repairs; for example, if the roof should cave in then the management will sort this out on your behalf.    


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