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Moving Furniture With Ease

Moving Your FurnitureThere are pieces of furniture that you may not want to leave behind.  The perfect couch, a roll top desk given to you by your grandfather, or something else of importance may need to be moved.  The point is that you do not want to harm the furniture that you are moving.  It is best to hire a moving company that is well versed in moving boxes and furniture. However, if you want to do it yourself then there are certainly some tips you can use to make it easier on you.

Before the moving company arrives or you begin to move the furniture, you should make certain to clean everything up.  Get all of the dust off the furniture and then wrap it in protective blankets, plastic or bubble wrap.  This is also something the trained professionals can do for you as well.  You will also want to inspect the furniture for any damage it already has in the event there are scratches or scrapes.  In this way you can take photos and if something happens during the move to the furniture you can submit a claim with proof that the furniture was in proper shape before it was moved.

If there is any furniture you can take apart, you should do so.  Keep all of the hardware in one place, such as a specific box, so as not to lose it; you should definitely make moving the furniture easier if at all possible.  Also empty out any furniture that has drawers and begin your move!  Good luck!

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