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Moving from Washington DC

Moving from Washington DCAn interesting study was conducted on a real estate website to determine the percentage of searches for real estate in major cities.  This study showed that Denver was ranking as one of the most popular cities for real estate searches, while major cities like Washington DC were behind Denver.  New York, San Francisco, Portland and Seattle were also all ranked below Denver in terms of searches.  What makes the study interesting is that it could be said that there are a lower number of individuals moving into Washington DC.  It could also be assumed that perhaps there are more moving from Washington DC.  There is no conclusive evidence of either supposition, though.  Basically, what is known is that for one particular site real estate listings in Washington DC are not being looked at as much as the western city Denver.

If you intend on relocating for any reason, being able to sell your current house is important.  You may have a slightly difficult time selling your home in DC if there are not as many searches.  As you consider relocation, also think about how you can get your home belongings moved with ease.  Once you find that buyer, or even before, it is important to have a way to move all of your belongings, such as utilizing a company with professional employees able to move your belongings with ease.  A trusted company with full service moving options makes your relocation less stressful than it would otherwise be, especially if you are still sitting with real estate.

Jon Huser

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