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Moving from Philadelphia for better prospects

Moving from Philadelphia for better prospectsA real estate appraiser decided to look at the current situation in Philadelphia.  This resident of the city stated that the housing prices are wacky.  Investors are finding it possible to get foreclosures at great prices, but most of the residents are losing their homes.  He further stated that in Florida, around Tampa, housing costs are down by around 50%.  It is possible to buy a new condo in St Pete Florida for $30,000.

For anyone who is looking to retire with a move from Philadelphia, St Petersburg, Florida might be the best place to go.  It is a warm state with mild winters, warm summers and afternoon showers.  The Gulf Coast is pretty and there are plenty of retirement options there, such as golfing, boating, fishing and much more.  You are also a few hours from Sea World, Disney, and other Orlando attractions.  If you want you can drive up the coast for diving with manatees.

Relocating from Philadelphia might be the best decision you make, especially if you can gain better prices for housing in Florida, such as a condo selling for $30,000.  The seller may feel it is much too low an amount to achieve, but when the market does not give much choice you can certainly get a better investment deal when you relocate.  A condo for way under value usually has only one way to go, and that is up in value. This makes it a good investment for your retirement, to say nothing of the affordable mortgage.

Jon Huser

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