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Moving from Pasadena

Moving from PasadenaStudents who go to the Pasadena campus of one of the California Universities may need to move on.  It is no fun to find that the state you live in is causing problems with your education.  There is at least one student who has stated that even the community college is not affordable for her to take classes.  She wanted to go to a four-year college, meaning that she would also take summer classes so that she could concentrate on her studies.  Sadly the summer session has been canceled due to budget cuts.  Things like this make it difficult for those living in California, such as anyone in Pasadena, Los Angeles, to get their education at an affordable rate, as well as at the time they wish to take their courses.  If the courses are not offered, it can mean relocation out of state.

Relocation to an out of state college can actually be more affordable for California students due to the high prices and the cuts in their programs that they have had to face.  College tends to be a higher cost in states like California, New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts.  One might want to consider a move to a place like Alaska that offers affordable tuition even for out of state students, or go to a state that is part of the Western Exchange option, such as Colorado or Wyoming, where you can pay a little less than out of state students for transferring from one state to another.

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