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Moving from Las Vegas

Moving from Las VegasThe Standard and Poor’s/Case-Shiller index for housing prices has shown that 12 out of 20 cities being tracked have seen price increases.  The index is based on the first quarter changes seen in 2012.  It was stated that more than half of the major cities in the US have seen an increase in housing prices for the first time in roughly seven months.  For anyone who may need to undergo a move this year, the improvements can be very important.  When selling a home you definitely want to make a profit, so when the market improves in terms of housing prices it can be helpful to your move.

Anyone moving from Las Vegas will have a slight disappointment, as this major city has seen no changes.  It means things have not got worse or any better in terms of home prices.  Prices did increase in Tampa and Miami, which is good news for those in Florida looking to move on.  Also Phoenix, Seattle and Dallas have seen improvements.  Sadly Chicago, Atlanta and Detroit saw decreases in prices.

Although we talk a lot about the prices increasing, it certainly relates to the relocation you may undergo this year.  You want to feel that your relocation is a success.  If any of the major cities mentioned are where you are moving to from Las Vegas, the housing prices will certainly affect the affordability of the move.  After all, you have to look at the cost of living, shelter costs and moving costs.  In terms of your shelter, you may find that it is affordable to purchase a new home as long as you can sell the old one.

Jon Huser

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