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Moving day – help the new occupants

a white vase in the empty roomWhether you have sold your house or are moving out of rented accommodation, give a thought to the people who are moving in. Sometimes people will be coming from out of the area and will need a helping hand to settle in; as the previous occupier, you have valuable information for them.

After you have packed up the moving company truck you can leave behind a little welcome pack for the new occupants. You could write them a letter containing useful information, such as where the nearest store is, what the schools are like, the day the refuse is collected, and even a few hints about what the neighbors are like.

Your letter should also tell the new occupants how the heating works, what it is like to deal with the landlord (if there is one), and perhaps a few tips on how to avoid the worst of the traffic in the area. Don’t forget to wish them many happy years in their new home. A small gift, such as a bottle of wine or a plant, is also likely to be most welcome.

Moving house to a new area can be very daunting; therefore, this sort of welcome pack can be very useful, not to mention unexpected. Think of all the things you wish you had known when you moved into your home and make sure that you include this information in your letter.  


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