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Moving Checklist: School Records

Make sure you have everything ready for your child's new school.Before you move your children to a new school, there are some things you must prepare in advance.  Having everything ready in advance will make the relocation and transition that much easier on your kids.  Here is a moving checklist of what you will need in order to make your child’s entry into the new school as seamless as possible.

•    Gather all addresses and contact information for every school your child ever attended.
•    Gather copies of all transcripts and report cards since your child began school.  Photocopies and originals are both good to have, though it is best to have official school copies.
•    Collect copies of letters of recommendation.  These are especially helpful if your child plans on trying out for sports teams and clubs.
•    Make a list of all the courses your child has completed.  Having a course outline will show what topics your child has covered and give the new school a good idea of how to place your son or daughter.
•    Keep copies of scores and exams.
•    Keep samples of work that has been completed and graded.
•    Create a list of any awards your child has received.
•    Make a list of all your child’s employers and references, if applicable.
•    Keep your child’s immunization records handy.

Keeping all of these items in a single place is a good way to stay organized.  While the school should be able to obtain many of these things it will be up to you as the parent to ensure that everything is accurate.  Doing so will make the move so much easier on your child.

– Jon Huser

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