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Moving abroad on a budget

Moving abroad on a budgetDeciding to move overseas is easy – it is organizing and paying for it that is the hard part! The good news is that making a move abroad on a budget should not be too hard providing you get yourself organized and do some careful research and planning before the time arrives.

If you are moving abroad, the first thing you will need is a passport.  If you do not have one already, you will need to pay around $140 to apply for a new one.  If you already have a passport, you might still want to check on its expiration date.  If it will expire while you are abroad it might be a good idea to pay to renew it early, as the fee could be higher to renew it in a foreign country.  Visas will also require the payment of an application fee.

The biggest cost you might face in your relocation overseas besides the relocation itself could well be the flight.  Use search facilities such as Kayak or Skyscanner in order look around for the cheapest flight deals you can find.  If you have any frequent flyer miles, they could come in handy too.  If you intend to carry the great majority of your belongings with you on the plane, make sure you have confirmed each airline’s checked in baggage rules.  It might end up being worth your while to pay an extra $100 on a flight instead of taking a cheaper option but then having to pay out for shipping fees.

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