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Most expensive places in the US

New York City Skyline in SunsetThe cost of living and the cost of property often has to be a consideration when people want to move. Not everyone can afford to live in some of the US’s most expensive areas, but where are these places?

Everyone knows that New York is expensive and three areas of New York City appear in the top 10 most expensive areas of the US: Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn. Manhattan tops the list with an average rent of almost $3,800 per month; if you want to buy a home here, the average price is $1.36m. Brooklyn is second on the list but average rents here are much less at just under $2,500 per month and the average cost of purchasing a home is $990,500 – a little less painful than for those who are relocating to Manhattan!

The beautiful islands of Hawaii also feature on the list and in third place you will find Honolulu. The average rent is higher than in Brooklyn at $2,733; however, the average cost of buying a property is lower at $742,600.

If you are wondering where California sits on the list, it might surprise you to know that San Francisco is a more expensive place to live than Los Angeles. Moving to San Francisco will set you back just under $3,000 per month if you want to rent and the average cost of buying a home is just over $820,000.


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