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More about military move weight allowances

BoxesWhen you are making a military move, you need to understand weight allowances. These will only apply if the military is arranging your transportation. The weight allowance for a military move is based on the rank and dependency status of the serving officer and the moving company is paid according to this allowance; therefore, going over the allowance can leave you with a bill to pay.

It can be difficult to work out how much your household goods weigh. You should probably estimate 1,000lb per room and then add on the average weight of your appliances. The moving company will estimate the weight of the goods for you; however, this is not an official figure and you cannot use this later to dispute charges.

There are some items that are not included in your weight allowance, such as ‘pro gear’. Pro gear is described as possessions that a service member requires to do his or her job properly. Pro gear needs to be declared when the relevant paperwork is completed with the estimated weight. When everything is packed, pro gear should be kept separate and noted on the paperwork. The spouse of the military officer is also entitled to up to 500lb of goods and equipment necessary for their own employment; again, this needs to be declared and packed separately.

Some possessions cannot be moved by military movers, including motor vehicles, animals, building materials, and hazardous materials such as flammable products; therefore, you will need to make your own arrangements if you want to move such items.


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