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Mistakes to Avoid When Moving Internationally

Flying Away InternationallyIt is easy to get caught up in the excitement associated with moving to a new country but you shouldn’t expect a completely smooth transition.  As you know, relocation is hard work and can be stressful for everyone involved – your employer, your family, and your pets.  Some of the biggest complications of international relocation can be easily avoided.  We’ve compiled some of the mistakes to avoid making your transition a little smoother.

  • Visiting a country on vacation and assuming it will be the same when you live there.  You may be swept away by the romance of a particular location, but let us assure you, vacationing in a region and living there are completely different things.
  • Conducting insufficient research before relocating overseas.  Your day-to-day life is likely going to change when you move to a new country, so really consider it before you do it.  Check out local laws, taxes, building regulations, education systems, customs, and public transport.  Don’t assume that you will be able to do things the same way after you move.
  • Purchasing property too soon.  Falling in love with a new country is easy to do, but you should be willing to rent a home first.  If the transition is too hard, you may want to move home.  Dealing with real estate is often stressful enough, why make it harder on your family?
  • Not learning the language.  If you are going to make a new country your home, you should learn the language.  Not only will this garner the respect of the locals, but it will make it easier for you to communicate on a daily basis.

– Jon Huser

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