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Military newspaper on hold for relocation

Military newspaper on hold for relocation The military newspaper relocation is in the news again, as the legislative move to relocate the office is back on the table. Stars and Stripes is supposed to move to Fort Meade Maryland under a military move request; however, there are many opposing the move.  Most of the journalists working at the current headquarters are not military personnel.  They are journalists and not enlisted men or women, but they may have to go to the military base due to the military move request.

There are many in the office headquarters who feel that their independence and ability to report the news would be shaken by a move onto a military base.  Journalists are supposed to report the news, but feel they may be pressured if the office is on a military base rather than as an independent site.

The newspaper currently offers news to military personnel and DOD employees.  It is a military newspaper in that it is geared towards enlisted employees instead of mainstream readers.  Military family members can also use the newspaper to get news of those deployed, since the paper does have access to overseas locations as well as the official headquarters.  Legislation may not be passed since the decision is under review again, though there is some thought that the decision has already been made.  Those interested in military news will be kept abreast of the situation to find out if the relocation to a base occurs.

Jon Huser

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