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Military family opportunities

Military family opportunitiesArise Virtual Solutions is working with Michelle Obama in terms of the military.  The company is offering a chance to help military families to find flexibility and employment in a tough situation.  Military moving is nothing unusual for those in the forces.  Families are often subjected to a move every few years.  This can create instability for the spouse at home in terms of employment.  The spouse may have to continually look for jobs each time they move, with limited options.

The new partnership with the First Lady, military and Arise has led to home-based work options for spouses of those in the military.  With home-based businesses and jobs it will be easier to undergo a military move.  The flexibility of working at home means they could keep their same job no matter where they have to move.  Even veterans can be helped through this same option.  Veterans who retire or must retire due to injuries can find home-based jobs and also still support their families.

It is a nice initiative for those in the military that will be facing moves throughout their spouse’s career.  It may ease the economic hardships they face with the one income from the service men or women.  One income in a household is often not enough anymore, even for those in the military, meaning that the spouse at home needs to be able to help support the family.  The new initiatives are one way to make this happen.

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