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Military family moves can be stressful

Military family moves can be stressfulA career in the military means most families move at least once, and quite often every few years.  Military moves are necessary to make certain the bases have the proper personnel needed.

When children are involved, a military move can be rather stressful on the entire family and especially the parents.  This is because the children have friends they do not want to leave and may make it difficult for their parents by adding more stress due to complaints or dissatisfaction.  When the spouse is non-military with a professional job, relocating can become more difficult.  For example, a registered nurse would need to pay to get a license in a new state with each move.  They would also have to study again to take the test required for the certification.  When children are in Girl Scouts, Little League and other clubs, there is a need to enroll them in the new state, as well as hope that the children will be able to make friends in these clubs after relocation.

There are times no matter what the experience a spouse might have that they need to undergo training again.  Even if the training is quite recent, a new location might require new training.  This can make it hard for advancement.  Since moves take time this can mean months where a spouse is unable to practice their profession, especially if transitional training is required.  Hiring help for the move, at least with the boxes and furniture, can cut down on some of this stress, but also getting help for these families in their work will help too.

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