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Military changes for the Air Force on the horizon

Military changes for the Air Force on the horizonSummer should be a time when graduates such as the female Air Force cadets celebrate or plan their upcoming changes in life.  When cadets graduate they will have to undergo a military move to their new location, depending on the orders given.

Right now there is a bit of scandal with the Air Force and female cadets that could be clouding some of the military moving celebrations.  In recent years there has been a lot of talk about how the male trainers are sexually harassing the female cadets.  US Air Force officials are considering making the female instructors train females only rather than allowing male officers to continue training in order to stop these harassment issues that are plaguing the name and respect of the Air Force.  The Air Force is also struggling right now due to the Colorado Springs fire, which is affecting many of the personnel in Colorado Springs at the local Air Force base.

With enough to worry about with new orders for relocation, the Air Force is really being taxed with the issues of harassment and the fire.  New cadets graduating this month and in coming months will all have to relocate depending on where their talents and service require them to go.  The military often looks to relocate personnel in the summer when school is out for families.  The issue with the fire is rather a forced relocation until safety can be assured, which could also stop some moving from other states to Colorado.

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