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Mike Wallace dies at 93

Mike Wallace dies at 93Mike Wallace offered much to the news world.  He had the longest running and highest rated news TV show, 60 Minutes.  Wallace has died at the age of 93 and will be remembered by many for his human-interest pieces along with his military coverage.  He was considered a feared interviewer because he would get to the truth even if the interviewee wanted to hide something.

He will probably be most remembered for his interview in 1979 with Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini after the US Embassy in Tehran was seized with 52 hostages inside.  If you wanted to know the truth behind the military moves, Wallace was the one to find it in his early days.  He had many moments whereby he helped to reveal the truth about people, even to the point of helping them to be put into jail.  There was one Chicago businessman who was revealed on camera admitting to tax fraud.  It was interview techniques such as these that made Mike Wallace a legend.

His death will certainly be remembered and there is only the hope that those in the news world can keep up with his gritty news and interviews by showing the world the truth, and especially the US in terms of what is happening.  Of late it has been hard to find a news broadcast that will really get the facts by searching them out rather than taking what is being said to show us what the country is moving towards.

Jon Huser

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