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Michigan companies to hire retired military

Michigan companies to hire retired militaryA challenge that retired and veteran military members face is finding a job in the civilian market.

There are quite a few companies in Michigan that are looking to hire retired military.  It might be the last military move you make, given that you could find a job in your new civilian life and remain in Michigan permanently.  Detroit is going to host a VA for Vets fair, which is a hiring fair.  It is expected to have about 230 employers looking for retired military.  If you want one last military move, this might be the fair to go to in order to find your new employment option.

Whether you relocate for work or because you are retired, it is helpful to know that you have opportunities too.  You might not wish to start work immediately after your service, especially since you will have some benefits from your military service.  While you probably will not stay still for long, it is always a good idea to know what options exist, such as relocating to Michigan for employment. Companies that are willing to provide you with a job because they recognize your skill set and, more importantly, your service to our country, are definitely places to check out.  You have served to protect your country and have skills, so there is no reason that you should not find a job, but more often than not it is a case of having trouble finding a position after your service.  Companies in Michigan recognize this.

Jon Huser

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