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Melting Arctic may change your plans of relocation

Melting Arctic may change your plans of relocationThe earth has undergone many changes over the years.  There were warming periods and the ice age.  The ice age may have allowed most of the snow to melt, but the Arctic has remained a steady place for ice and cold snow.  However, the sea ice is starting to shrink and this is causing issues in the UK, North America, China and Europe, according to a recent study.

Individuals who want to move to any of the countries mentioned may find the winters are going to be snowier, with a lot more cold temperature than in the past.  For anyone who has plans to relocate to the upper section of North America where temperatures are colder in winter already, it could bring about snowier years.  The jet stream is going to be partially responsible for the colder winters.

It is still unclear whether if the Arctic continues to melt, the winters will remain colder or if the entire earth will begin to warm up too much.  Scientists are considering that with the changes in atmosphere, ice and cold weather, it may just shift where true winter hits.  The last few winters are definitely providing more snow than usual in some of the countries around the world.  Not all of the changes can be blamed on El Niño either.  Rather, it is a change in the jet stream that is effectively blocking warmer air from making it through the cold air in places such as the UK and North America.

Jon Huser

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