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MCA offers buyer’s guide for military personnel

MCA offers buyer’s guide for military personnelThere is a military community organization called MCA that provides a buyer’s guide to military personnel.  This military guide can be your new guide for a military move.  Families that are going to relocate from their current base to a new one may need to focus on what things to buy for the summer and fall to make the move easier, as well as to ensure that the children have what they need for their new school year.

Relocating is difficult enough for children when they do not have to worry about the military aspects.  Military moves happen more often, which tends to mean that children meet wonderful friends but end up leaving them behind.  Making their move a little easier by using a buyer’s guide that helps with the move might be in their best interest.

The truth is that the guide is not really the focus, but more a means to make the relocation less stressful for parents and children undergoing a military move.  Military relocation happens every couple of years for most personnel.  Sometimes families have to move internationally with their military member, and other times they are left in the US while the spouse is based in an overseas location.  Anything that can be done to make the move easier, including hiring full service movers, will make things a little better for the children and the parents too.  The lower the stress a person is under, the better they can handle the situation.

Jon Huser

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