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May Day honors workers

May Day honors workersMay Day began in 1856 in Australia.  It is a holiday that remembers workers each year, although it was started as a one-day festival.  It became a holiday in which work stopped for eight hours, instead providing entertainment and meetings.  The first celebration had such an impact that it soon became a celebration each year on the first of May.  It is now an international holiday; however, it is not a bank holiday, whereby most people get time off work, anymore.

In the US we tend to overlook May Day as a holiday, but perhaps this year you have to move to a new home. If relocation is on your mind then you might want to use the excuse that May Day is meant to be a true day off for workers, and get your belongings moved.

You may get vacation pay for the day instead of holiday pay, but at least you will have an extra day to get your belongings relocated from your old home to your new one. It seems like a good day to take off of work, considering its origins in giving workers a break for an eight-hour day. After all, it was an unheard of thing for workers in Australia to get a day off for entertainment and meetings, which has become an international holiday.  The festival used to be celebrated with May Day poles that girls would dance round and decorate as the men watched.  It was also a day of music and celebration.


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