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Manufacturer Ronpak relocating

Manufacturer Ronpak relocatingRonpak is undergoing business relocation from New Jersey to Louisiana.  The corporate headquarters and much of its manufacturing plant will be moved to the new location.  The business relocation was announced last year.  It will create 275 jobs in Louisiana, which will be a huge benefit for Shreveport.  The facility will be 155,000 square feet.  It cost $16.8 million to build the plant at Port of Caddo-Bossier.

Originally, when the office move was announced, only 175 positions were going to be available.  Yesterday 100 more jobs were announced: 20 in the office and 80 in the factory.  Not all of the jobs will be available right away.  Rather, it will take until 2018 to fill all of the positions.  These are just the direct jobs.  There are also around 780 indirect jobs available.  The government of Louisiana is quite happy with the office move, since it will provide the state with close to 1,000 positions.

Louisiana did offer incentives to the company to move the factory there.  This has certainly helped with the move funding.  Employees are going to be transferring from Ronpak in New Jersey to Louisiana.  As with most office moves, out of state employees are being asked if they wish to relocate and can choose a relocation deal.  Most of the employees moving are in the executive positions.  Given the number of jobs at the current factory, there will be some loss for New Jersey.  A large-scale move like this will be a complicated one.

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