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Malik and Edwards may be moving in

Malik and Edwards may be moving inThe relationship between One Direction’s Zayn Malik and his Little Mix girlfriend Perrie Edwards looks like it is getting pretty serious.  Although the couple have publicly stated that they are not yet ready to move in together yet, this is not stopping Edwards from assisting Malik with the furnishing and decoration of his brand new home in North London.

Perhaps even more intriguing is the revelation that the relocation will be leaving Edwards with her own wardrobe space, which seems like an obvious sign of commitment if ever there was one.  Heat magazine claims to have been told by a source that Zayn’s new home will belong to both him and his girlfriend, regardless of the official line that it is just his house.   “Zayn’s bought himself a house in North London but isn’t quite ready to move in there yet.  Perrie is going to help him kit the place out – it will basically be their place rather than just Zayn’s,” the source allegedly claims.  “Perrie will have her own wardrobe space and will give her advice on how it’s decorated.”

This is a big step for any couple, though they seem to have had a fair degree of practice as of late given how much time Zayn has already been spending at Perrie’s place.  Friends have apparently told reporters that they believe the couple are in the relationship for the long haul, noting: “It’s no secret that they want a future together”.

Jon Huser

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