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Make a Move to Protect Marine Mammals

Make a Move to Protect Marine MammalsNow that we have better ships, marine mammals are in more danger than ever.  A recent issue with a seven-ton whale shark makes this clearer than ever.  In Karachi, Pakistan, a boat of fishermen brought back a ten-meter long whale shark.  They moved the shark with two cranes after four hours.  The fishermen claim the whale shark was dead when they found it, but their blatant behavior has caused doubts for many activists.

Whale sharks are not the only marine life in danger.  There are areas in Asia, such as China, that still fish for shark and other marine animals as a means of food.  Dolphins and other animals are constantly in danger in Asian regions.  If you are a conservationist you might decide moving to Hong Kong is the perfect opportunity for you.  You can always choose Pakistan, but the point is that relocation to help protect animals and mammals is a viable choice.  Even if you just relocate for a year to help our earth’s animals, it may be worthwhile.

Perhaps you are not looking for such a large move.  That is also okay.  There are plenty of endangered animals that could use your help right here in the US.  A move to Florida, Alaska or any number of states in the USA would allow you to help marine mammals or just any endangered species.  You can work full-time and still protect animals as a hobby.

Jon Huser

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