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Long-term storage tips

Full Service Storage Facility my BekinsIf you need to store your household goods for more than a few days then you need to make sure that you take the proper precautions to ensure that everything survives until you get to your new home. Your moving company is sure to explain how best to make use of its storage facilities and offer you a few tips, but here are a few to be getting on with.

It may sound obvious but many people do not remember to remove the batteries from items such as toys and remote controls. If the batteries should leak then the damage often can’t be repaired, and remember that it will not only damage the particular item but also anything else that happens to get leaked on. Removing the batteries is a simple step that may save a lot of problems later.

If you are storing books and documents then avoid packing them on their spines. Smaller cardboard or plastic cartons are recommended, as larger ones will get heavy very quickly. Sometimes it is recommended to use something along the lines of silica gel packs to avoid any moisture damage, particularly if the books are going to be in moving company storage facilities for a few months or more.

When you are packing metal items, such as your cutlery or other silverware, it is advisable to use acid-free tissue paper or wrap each item in plastic to prevent tarnishing. Chrome or cast iron items can be wiped with machine oil to prevent rusting while they are in storage. 


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