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Long-term storage packing tips for unusual items

Full Service Storage Facility my BekinsUsing your moving company storage facilities might mean that you have to be prepared for your possessions to be stored for a long time. Packing them properly means that not only will they be protected during their stay with your moving company but also that you are more likely to get them back in one piece. Here are a few tips for some of the more unusual items that you might be trying to store.

If you have artificial and silk flowers then you need to make sure that any arrangements have their own box. Use tissue paper or paper towels to wrap the arrangements and make sure that the boxes that you use are marked ‘fragile’.

You cannot put perishable food into moving company storage facilities but you can put canned goods in there. Opt for a 1.5 cubic carton, into which you should put no more than 30 cans. You can also put glass containers in here but these should be wrapped for protection.

If you are storing clocks then you should make sure that you wrap small clocks individually and stand them upright in the box. If you can remove the hands you should do so to avoid any damage, but if the hands are secured then you do not need to do this. If you have a grandfather clock then you need to make sure that all the moving parts are removed and wrapped. It is a good idea to get a specialist to do this rather than trying to do it yourself.


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