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Long-distance moving tips

Guide to MovingIf you are considering a long-distance move then you need to be prepared. Any move can be stressful; however, there is something less scary about simply packing up a truck and moving a few streets away. When you are moving hundreds or even thousands of miles there is so much to take into consideration, which can pile on the pressure.

The first tip is to make sure that you have lightened the load as much as possible. What is the point of paying your moving company to take everything you own across to the other side of the country if you no longer want or need half the items? Remember that most professional movers will charge according to the amount of possessions you want moved, the distance you are moving and the time it will take to achieve this. When it comes to your pre-packing decluttering, you are going to have to be ruthless.

On moving day itself make sure that you factor in plenty of time for rest stops. If you are moving a few hundred miles then you are not going to want to complete the journey in one go, especially if you are traveling with children. Make sure you have cash on you for buying snacks and drinks along the way and work out your route in advance, as this will save a great deal of precious time on the day.


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