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When you are looking for the absolute best of the moving companies in Poway, give Bekins Moving Solutions a call. We always aim to assist our clients in every aspect of their moves, from start to finish. Our reputation for exceptional customer service and an unbeatable moving experience makes Bekins Moving Solutions the number one choice of moving companies in Poway. From custom crating to storage and logistics, we can help you achieve moving success. Let us know what we can do to help your move be the easiest one yet!

Poway is stunningly gorgeous, but during the summer it can be quite hot, as well as deceptively cold during the winter. Finding great moving companies ensure that you don’t have to move yourself in those conditions. Let Bekins Moving Solutions carefully pack your items, load them, unload them, and even help you unpack. We are a full-service moving company here to serve you in Poway. Hire our Poway movers and don’t stress about your next relocation.



National Moving Services

No move is ever as simple as it seems. Although it may feel like you have all the time in the world to get things done, your work may be creeping up on you. You may need to file documents to finish closing on your house, or you might have forgotten about setting up your electricity in your new apartment. We know these tasks can pile up quickly. That’s why the moving experts at Bekins Moving Solutions provide full-service national moving services to help you worry about one less task.

Our services include packing, moving, unpacking, and storing, and we’re happy to be as accommodating as possible. We want to make sure your big moving day goes exactly as planned. We can take care of the whole moving process for you, allowing you to focus on those important details.

With Bekins Moving Solutions on your side, your move will go better than you ever imagined.


Moving Out of State

Moving within one town can be stressful enough, but it’s nothing compared to the stress that some people face when they’re moving out of state. Your moving plans might feel like a house of cards. If just one detail is missed or overlooked, it can mess up moving plans and completely throw off the move itself. You want to avoid these issues if you can, so trust the experts at Bekins Moving Solutions to take care of all your moving needs.

At Bekins Moving Solutions, we believe in putting the customer first. We know how stressful moving can be, and we strive to make it as seamless as possible for our customers. With our services, you can plan your move from start to finish and let someone else worry about the minor details, leaving you free to focus on closing your house or arranging transportation for your pet. With Bekins Moving Solutions, your move is our move, and we want to see it go well.



Household Moving Services

Your home is personal to you, and we want to make your move personal to us. We know that each household move is unique, and we’re ready to work with you to provide the best moving resources to make your experience with us a more personal one. Each of our moving plans is designed with our customers in mind and tailored to meet your needs, budget, and time.

Bekins Moving Solutions offers a wide range of moving services, including…

  • Packing: Whether you need a few fragile items packed or the whole house, we’ll make sure your packing needs are met. We provide full packing services as well as crating to help you move those bulky objects.
  • Loading, delivery, and unloading: When all your belongings are packed, our team of movers will handle the whole move from filling the truck to unloading everything at your new home.
  • Unpacking: If you have other work to do, our experts can also help you unpack at your new home.
  • Storage: If you aren’t ready to move all of your belongings in, we also offer storage options.



National Moving Company Reviews

We pride ourselves on having excellent customer satisfaction. Check out some of our testimonials.

“Very efficient loading and on time delivery. The driver was exceptional and very experienced. He performed well with organizing things from start to finish.”

“This was our first time using a moving company. We were very happy with our experience so far. Mr. Van Wyck was our first point of contact and he was a pleasure to work with. Your moving guys who packed up our belongings were very professional and couldn’t have been nicer. Our things will be in storage with your company for a few weeks. We anticipate that we will have the same experience in receiving our belongings at our new home.”

“The move went without a problem. The four gentlemen who were doing the moving were professional, efficient, and extremely helpful. They worked as a team with absolute precision and cooperation. They were always courteous and considerate. I could not have asked for a better experience.”



Frequently Asked Questions

How is the cost of my move determined?

The cost of your move depends on a number of factors. Our moving consultants won’t be able to give you an accurate estimate for the work until we see what we’re working with.

We usually base all our estimates on location, such as…

-Local: A local move cost will be calculated based on the amount of time (in hours) it takes to complete the job. Depending on where you’re moving, we may need to follow local government laws regarding specific pricing requirements that all moving companies must use.

-Out of State: For those customers moving out of state, we look at the weight of your items and the mileage between point A and point B. For these customers, we require they have an onsite estimate done to ensure that customers know what we are charging them.

Always ask your consultant if you have questions. They will be happy to answer them.

I need to add and/or remove items from my move plan. What should I do now?

The best thing to do is call our offices at 404-358-2172. The cost of your estimate may change. We’ll be able to reevaluate your estimate and come up with a new plan that fits your move. Our moving consultants have years of experience working with customers, and we know things come up at the last minute. We want to make your move as easy as possible, so let us help you out.

To avoid changing plans as much as possible, there are a few things you can do to make sure your plan is as concrete as possible. For example, wait to contact a mover until you are reasonably sure of when you need to move and what you want to take.

You should also do all of your cleaning and decluttering before calling a moving consultant. This will give you the most accurate estimate, so get rid of unwanted clothes, toys, and furniture before you move.

How do I find which moving companies will provide me with a free moving estimate?

Many people like to browse online for moving companies near them to find those that offer free estimates. Most moving companies will advertise on their websites whether or not they provide free moving estimates for potential clients. In some cases, the company might ask you a few general questions about your move and deliver a rough estimation right there.

For more exact estimates, it’s best to have a moving consultant come into your home and assess what needs to be moved. Once they have a look at your home and the unique possessions such as pianos or spas you might have, the moving consultant will be able to give you an estimate. This estimate will include all the services you have requested, so if you need extra packing or storage services, they will be included as well. If you have questions, just ask your mover consultant, who will be happy to help.

By the end, you should have an estimate for the move. Estimates are usually valid for 30 days. Some exceptions apply, so be sure to ask your moving consultant how long your estimate is good for.

What should I know about the pickup of my furniture?

Some people take their movers’ arrival as a cue to get going, but in reality, you should stay to see your furniture get picked up and packed. We at Bekins Moving Solutions want to make sure you’re satisfied with every step of the moving process, so we ask that you stay at your home and oversee the loading process.

Be sure to look over your inventory and make note of the conditions your items are currently in. It can also help to take photos of your items packed in boxes. Your mover will likely also make their own notes. Keep this inventory on hand as you will need it to assess your items upon delivery.

Go around your home and make sure all boxes and furniture are included on the inventory sheet. Before you go, check your documents to make sure you have copies of this sheet, the bill of lading, the order for service, the household goods booklet, and any of our phone numbers in case you need assistance. Make sure these documents are with you before you leave.


Moving Resources

Poway Moving Resources

Poway is a beautiful community located northeast of San Diego. Rich in arts, culture, and history, this is a prime location to live in Southern California. Since this area is an unincorporated city in San Diego, there are some special resources that you will want in order to settle in properly. Bekins Moving Solutions has put together a handy list of links that are useful for those moving in or out of Poway.

If you need moving assistance from our experienced Poway moverscall Bekins Moving Solutions today. Dial (877) 594-1187 to schedule your move with us!


A Bekins Moving Solutions agent will be e-mailing you a quote in 24 hours or less