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When you are trying to find Carlsbad movers, the first thing you do is look at the company’s reputation. Bekins Moving Solutions has a long-established reputation for quality moving all over the world! We have been helping families and businesses move since 1936. While our moving tactics have kept up with the times, our philosophy has always been the same, making us the movers Carlsbad clients trust. Bekins Moving Solutions believes in the traditional values of hard work, honesty, and professionalism. Don’t wait: contact us today about our reliable and dependable moving services.

Some moving companies Carlsbad is home to do the bare minimum, but Bekins Moving Solutions does it all. We can help you obtain all the moving supplies you need, bring professional packers to do all the packing for you, move your items safely, store them securely if necessary, and even help you unpack. There is really nothing left for you to do, other than enjoy the beautiful weather in Carlsbad. Call Bekins, your ideal Carlsbad movers, today and let us do all the heavy lifting for your move.


Moving Out of the State

Moving across town is one thing. Moving out of state is another. When you’re moving so far, many little tasks demand your attention. You might need to finalize the details of the closing sale on your new home, or you’ll need to figure out how to get your utilities set up. With all these little things to worry about, you probably don’t want to even think about the moving process itself.

That’s where Bekins Moving Solutions comes in. Our professional moving company works hard to help people like you worry less about moving and focus more on their other concerns. Our services will take care of everything along the way, including packing, moving, unpacking, and storing. No matter how far you’re moving or how much you’re moving, Bekins Moving Solutions will help you achieve peace of mind by taking the weight of moving off your shoulders and doing the heavy lifting for you.


Full Service

Full-Service National Moving Services

Bekins Moving Solutions knows that you might need help with more than just moving. Some of our customers don’t have time to pack. Others are concerned because they need bulky and heavy objects crated and carried. Some homeowners are moving out of their homes but not into their new homes right away, so they need a place to keep their belongings until they’re ready.

Our professional moving company offers full-service national moving services, which means we cover just about every part of the moving process from start to finish. Whether you’re moving across town or across the country, our moving experts can help you come up with a plan for the big day. If you don’t have time to pack, we can provide the packing materials and do the packing ourselves. If you worry about having time to unpack at your new house, we’ll stick around and help you unpack and set up your home. We also offer a number of storage options to hold your belongings until you’re ready for them.

Finish with Our Unpacking Services

After a long day of running around, getting the keys, and finishing up any last-minute packing or cleaning jobs, you’ve finally arrived at your new home. But now that you’re here, the one thing you probably want to do is relax and take it easy. Unfortunately, now you have the task of unpacking all of your belongings and setting up your new home.

We at Bekins Moving Solutions know how exhausted you feel after moving. That’s why we also offer an unpacking service. Our professionals will help you empty boxes and put furniture pieces back together. We’ll take good care of your possessions and unpack every box carefully to avoid breaking dishes and other valuable items.

Don’t worry about your unpacking. The experts at Bekins Moving Solutions will help set up your home for you while you pick up groceries or take yourself out for a nice, relaxing meal. We’ll even get rid of all the packing materials once we’re finished.



Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be compensated if my shipment is not delivered as promised?

Yes, but certain restrictions apply. Ask your moving consultant about compensation for delays during your in-home estimate. If your shipment is delivered, but has damage, compensation will depend on the valuation package you selected. Those options are below.

Basic Liability Protection: This type of protection comes free with every move. With this coverage, you will have replacement and repair protection for items at a specific rate per pound per piece. This rate often varies depending on your belongings, so it’s best to ask your moving consultant for more information.

Full Replacement Value Coverage: The next level of coverage provides repair, replacement or reimbursement for damaged items based on today’s replacement cost. This is a premium service that has an additional fee. There are deductable options avaibale.

If there is loss or damage to my goods, how much time do I have to file a claim?

Once your belongings have been delivered, you will have nine months to file a claim with us.

As you unpack and put your house or apartment together, this is the perfect time to carefully assess your belongings and make sure that nothing has been broken or torn during the move. You should inspect your furniture, looking for scratches on the legs and major dents in the tabletops.

Go through your boxes and carefully make sure that everything is as it was when you left. Dishes and appliances can easily get broken during a move, so it’s important that you take a close look at all of these products.

If you do find anything broken, file a claim with us immediately. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service, and if something is wrong, we want to know about it.

What should I know about the pickup and delivery dates?

All of our movers must meet what is called a “reasonable dispatch” requirement. What this means is that transportation must be done during the scheduled dates within a reasonable timeframe. These dates will usually be included on your contract, bill of service, or bill or banding.

Our company tries hard to see that we pick up and delivery for our customers on the agreed dates. These dates take into account as many unforeseen delays as we can predict, such as weather and traffic conditions. However, it’s not a perfect science and we do have the occasional move that falls outside of the agreed upon dates. Your moving consultant will be able to provide you with information on what to do in the event of a delay when they come to provide your moving estimate


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Carlsbad is a gorgeous seaside city that sits along the Pacific coastline. Conveniently located between San Diego and Los Angeles, there is really nothing out of reach when you live in Carlsbad. Known as “The Village by the Sea,” it is a community that prides itself on creating a safe and prosperous environment for its residents.

Bekins Moving Solutions has put together a few resources to make your move a bit easier:

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A Bekins Moving Solutions agent will be e-mailing you a quote in 24 hours or less