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Alexandria, VA

Alexandria, VA MoversOne of the biggest decisions that a person will make is where they will live. With all of the options out there, trying to find the right place to live can be like finding a needle in a haystack. If the area you live in is about as exciting as watching paint dry, then you need to search around for a change. The Alexandria, VA area is a very exciting place to live. Moving to Alexandria, VA can be a great choice, but it will require you to hire the right moving company. Bekins Moving Solutions moving company in Alexandria, VA is the best option when you need to get moved the right way and in a hurry.

Keeping Things Organized

The most essential elements of a successful move is planning and organization. Some homeowners think that being organized during a move means writing a to-do list on a napkin. Instead of trying to organize this important process without experience, use our moving company in Alexandria, VA to get the job done. Using our movers in Alexandria will ensure that your home or office is moved in a hurry and without sacrificing the quality of work.

Enjoy Life Along the Potomac

Most people who visit the Alexandria, VA area end up falling in love with it. This area has a great mix of history and modern sophistication. If you want to see the Potomac River in a way you never have, then take a ride with the Potomac Riverboat Company. Downtown Alexandria, VA is filled with unique shops and great dining. The natural beauty and inviting atmosphere of this area is the reason why people come back time and time again.

Getting things set up in your Alexandria, VA home or office can be easy. Use these links:

Getting your home or business can be simple when choosing to use Bekins Moving Solutions moving company in Alexandria, VA. If you have questions about what we offer, be sure to call Bekins Moving Solutions at (877) 594-1187.

Frequently Asked Questions

The street I live on is pretty narrow. How will you fit that big truck on the street to move me?

First, let us assure you that our trained drivers are very used to maneuvering their trucks on neighborhood streets. While you may not have ever see a large semi truck on your road before, it’s very possible we will fit with ease. That said, some streets are indeed to narrow and some home associations have rules about what types of trucks are allowed on their streets. This is no trouble and something we are very used to working around.

If it’s determined that your street is too narrow or if your housing association has rules that prevent us from parking our truck in front of your home, the most common solution is to use a shuttle. This is just a smaller truck we use to maneuver through narrow streets. We will load your packed belongings on the shuttle and transport them to our larger truck nearby. From there, the rest of your move will proceed as usual. This same process can be used at delivery as well, shuttling items off the truck and into your new home.

Who is responsible for items damaged during my move?

With our professional and trained movers, damage is rare. When it does happen, responsibility often lies in how your move was carried out and the type of valuation protection you have. Any damaged caused by our movers is covered under valuation. Free with every move is basic valuation, which will reimburse you for any damaged items at 60 cents to the pound. Often, this is not satisfactory coverage, especially with light items that may be very valuable. We offer many valuation packages with different deductibles, including a no-deductable plan. If you have purchased a valuation plan, we will repair, replace, or provide the replacement value of any items damaged due to our fault.

Keep in mind that Bekins Moving Solutions is not responsible for any damage caused by another party, an example being faulty packing supplies provided by someone else. We do, however, provide packing supplies, professional packing services and any other needs you may have during your move. If you take advantage of these additional services, we will be responsible for every aspect of your move and reimburse you according to the terms of the valuation you chose.


very good. The team worked well together and got everything done quickly.

Ann D. 04/24/2017

Professional crew. Took great care with our possessions.

Kit B. 04/18/2017

Excellent service! We couldn't ask for more. Russell did a great job explaining the moving process and quoting the job. Ian our mover was wonderful! The entire move was seamless. Thank you for your professional service.

Loraine B. 04/17/2017

We were very happy with our experience and surprised at just how great the customer service was. Both the packers and movers were on time, hard working and responsive.

Sara T. 04/09/2017

Professional from the estimate through the execution, accommodating changes along the way. The job was moving furniture out for a wedding then back in the following week. Everything was extensively wrapped to prevent damage and no one was in a rush. We will use Bekins when we do our downsizing move.

Bill C. 04/04/2017

Your staff were very pleasant and efficient in helping us move furniture and boxes from our apartment in Crystal City to our home in Williamsburg. We appreciate their help, their courtesy, and their ability to get everything done in a timely manner.

Tom F. 03/20/2017

Amazing that things went so well! Bekins moved us to this house 18 years ago with no problems so when it was time to move, I went with Bekins again - The same great professionalism, courtesy, hard workers, and fair pricing 18 years later!

Udo G. 02/24/2017

Excellent service from beginning to end, all goods arrived undamaged and on time.

Robert M. 02/13/2017

We really liked our representative and were happy with the communication we received. The movers were efficient and addressed the concerns we brought up immediately.

Ginnie S. 01/18/2017

Best moving experience we've had in decades! Each one of the guys were very courteous, professional, efficient, well organized and generous. They all went above and beyond especially at the last minute. We will recommend them to others with no hesitation. This is a team you can be proud of!

Kyra W. 12/30/2016