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Woodbridge, VA

When you are moving in Woodbridge, you can make your experience stress-free with the help of a professional mover. While moving is well known to be an extremely difficult task, it doesn’t have to be. All you need is a company that provides full service moving! Bekins Moving Solutions is a moving company that can help you with every single detail of your residential or commercial move. You don’t even need to search for cardboard boxes! We have you covered. Just give us a call and let us carefully pack your home or business, load it on our moving trucks, and transport it quickly and safely to your destination. It doesn’t matter whether you are moving short or long distance, we have the experience and resources to organize it all. Give Bekins Moving Solutions a call today and see how easy moving in the Woodbridge area can be!

Meet the Team

Jim Morris – General Manager, Bekins Moving Solutions of Woodbridge

Hello, and welcome to the home base for Bekins Moving Solutions of Woodbridge. We’re home to some of the hardest working crews in the D.C. area and ideally located to service the entire Washington D.C. area. I make it my personal business to help out every customer with the unique challenges of their move. Nothing makes me happier than a customer whose move was made easy with our help. In addition to our moving expertise, we also boast a large and clean warehouse facility with 6,000 storage pallets, a fleet of late model moving trucks and fork lifts. We are equipped to handle small apartment moves, large business moves, and everything in between.

We’d love to meet you in person to discuss your move. Fill out the form on this page or click on any of our moving consultants below to schedule a free, in-home estimate.

Bob Neiman – Moving Consultant

Russell Morris – Moving Consultant

Frequently Asked Questions

What is involved with an in-home estimate?

An in-home estimate is incredibly important for those going the distance with their move. For starters, the estimate prevents you from being scammed by a moving company, not that Bekins Moving Solutions would ever consider such an act, but unfortunately there are moving companies out there willing to take advantage of customers.

The moving consultant will come into your home and examine each room of your home and all of the items you intend to ship with our company. They will look through everything, including each closet, underneath the stairs, and even in the attic, to determine the load on the trucks. You should clearly state exactly what is being moved in order to receive the most accurate estimate possible. The representative can create an inventory of your items and ensure everything is there before loading and after unloading at your destination.

How many movers will I need to hire?

Part of our estimation process includes figuring out how many men will be needed to get everything moved in a timely manner. The number will be determined by the details of your move. Give us a call today for an estimate of how many helpers you will need to move your belongings on moving day.

Can you move me on the specific moving dates I need?

We do our best to move every customer at a time that is most convenient to them. In order to have the best chance of getting a specific move date, we recommend you book your move with us at least a few weeks in advance. This is especially important if you plan to move during the Summer. Summer months are our busiest and your best chance of getting the moving date you want is to request it before anyone else has a chance to.

If you want to move when we are least likely to be busy and therefore the most flexible with move dates, we recommend choosing a move date between late fall and early spring that is in the middle of the week.

How do I prepare my home and myself for move day?

Preparing for a move is a stressful event that really drains people emotionally, mentally, and physically. To prepare yourself and your entire home on move day, you should make sure everything is prepared for the moving crew to physically load the truck without any hindrance. This means clearing off the porch and any walkways to your home that could be obstructed. Take the doors off the hinges where possible to ensure movers can load large pieces of furniture into the truck securely and safely. Any throw rugs that may be in high-traffic areas should be removed so no one trips or slips and falls while moving any household items.

If you’d like to be friendly, have some water for the driver and the moving crew if it is a particularly hot summer day. While not required, it really can make their day and get them working harder for you and your needs. That little bit extra certainly never hurt anyone.

What time will crews arrive on moving day?

This will be discussed with you before you book your move. We do our best to be as flexible as possible and will do everything we can to move at a time that works for you.

If you need movers in the Woodbridge area, contact Bekins Moving Solutions today. Call 703-496-9860 to schedule your move with us!


The 4 man crew showed up on time, worked hard and got the move completed in under the 8 hour time window we had at our high-rise destination. They worked well as a team and were in good spirits throughout the move. I’d use them again!

Ray H. 10/12/2017

The guys were very courteous and pleasant. I feel they did a very good job and I was very much satisfied.

Marian B. 04/20/2017

Superb- they came a little early and worked hard packing up everything. Jon, the driver, answered all my questions and explained about the procedure for delivery.

Ellen T. 04/18/2017

So far my experience with Bekins has been excellent. Very responsive, timely, clear, and the price appears very reasonable. I will know more after the move is complete.

Alletta B. 04/14/2017

The movers were exceptionally nice and very kind

Kathryn H. 04/05/2017

They were very professional. No complaints we would recommend them to friends and family.

Louise W. 03/20/2017

The guys were great! Couldn't have asked for an easier moving experience!

Bryan H. 03/14/2017

Picked and delivered on time. Amount on bill was amount due No surprises. Men were curious friendly and professionals. That's reason I used your company again. Reasonable price work done

Evelyn M. 02/23/2017

My furniture was delivered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on January 24, 2017. John was here at 7:00am, just as he said he would be. He had 2 assistants with him that were very kind and did a very nice job.

Brandi C. 02/02/2017

The MyBelkin guys exceeded our expectations installing 2 furnaces for our upstairs and downstairs units. They kept us updated on their progress, explained everything, answered all of our questions, and did a superb job on the installations. They are also reasonably priced and provided a detailed report upon completion of the work. We would definitely use them again and recommend this company to others.

Linda S. 01/16/2017